B&O Surfboards
Summerville, SC
Why would anyone want a Hollow Wooden Surfboard?
      You don't see many foam boards as wall hangers do you?

There are several reasons for that. There's not a foam board around that is as beautiful as a well built wooden surfboard.

Hollow Wooden Surfboards have been around for many years. They are durable, solid and have a very distinctive sound and feel. They also perform extremely well in many different surf conditions.

Our Hollow Wooden Surfboards are made with the newest in designs, glues and resins and the beauty will last many years.

Unlike our Surfing Icons who surfed giant 15o pound solid redwood boards, we use many light weight woods like Palownia, Cedar, Western Red, Fir and Pine but, we can use almost any type you request. You'll appreciate the lighter woods when carrying your board to your favorite surf spot!

The boards are a little heavier but they still rip. Check out the many "Youtube" links with Hollow Wooden Surfboards. You'll be amazed!

You can purchase a foam board that may last 2 or 3 years of good surfing


You can invest in a board that will last you for many years. You'll also be the coolest person on the beach!

~They're not just for "Old Fat Guy's" but they help~