B&O Surfboards
Summerville, SC
Length: 9' 8"
Width: 23"
Thickness: 3"
Wood used: 
Ceder, Western Red, Koa and Bass wood.
~Random shots of our current boards~
Name of design: Dragon Fish
Katie and Konnor's boards (2)
Length: 8'
Width: 25" (wide for the kiddos)
Thickness: 2.75"
Wood used: 
Pine, Western Red, Paulownia, Teak and Koa
Name of design: Monkey Fish
Fraser's board
Length: 8' 
Width: 25" (wide for the kiddos)
Thickness: 2.75"
Wood used: 
Palownia, Western Red, Ceder, Zebra
Name of design: Retro Fish
Elise's board (Florida)
Length: 6' X 6" 
Width: 22.5"
Thickness: 2.75"
Wood used: 
Palownia, Ceder (So far)
Random shots of boards crafted or being crafted at
 B&O Surfboards.
(John's backyard) 
These are two of the paddles John has been working on for his SUP. We have others in earlier stages but forgot to take pictures of them.  
The beginnings of the "Fin" porn for all of the fish.
Glassing and sanding, glassing and sanding, glassing and sanding, polishing and Fin!

Board picked up by Elise.

He is one lucky guy!
It has been an extremely hard year for both John and I. We've had many delays, due to family issues, but I'm happy to say that Fraser's board is Fin!
Name of design: None yet 
Length: 7' X 10" 
Width: 21"
Thickness: 2.75"
Wood used: Ceder, Redwood and Popler
Cork Rails 
Four of the Hand Plains we've (Mostly John) been working on.
Looking for a great board? We're almost finished with this beauty.
~For sale~
John and I started some new Hand Planes. Palownia with Koa stringers, and Paulownia with Ceder!
We have another little project going on. A while back John bought an old longboard at a garage sale for $50.00. 
A little beaten up, but something the kiddo's can hack around on. After talking about it for awhile, he decided to see if we could make it a little nicer...well at least water tight.
Neither one of us have any real foam board experience, (which is probably obvious to someone who has) so it's kind of an experiment.
The progress is coming along and we hope to have it done shortly. Not real pretty, that's for sure!

A little sanding and it will be time to get wet!
I was able to pick up a nice Dewey Weber Legend about a month ago. It was sitting on the floor of a small Marine repair shop. Of course, it had been kicked, dropped and abused. It really needed to be saved!  
There were many cracks, dings and knee marks that needed to be repaired. I've never done that type of work on a foamie, but figured I would give it a try. 
The picture of my son with the two boards is the only one I have as a before picture. The top of the board was in pretty good shape, the bottom....not so much! 

John picked up a nice used Paddle Board from one of the local Paddle Board tour companies at Shem Creek. It's not in bad shape, but of course we had to put our mark on it. Plus John knew I would give him a bunch of grief about the pink rails.
It floats our big butts, so I would say it's a success!